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Flea and Tick Prevention

When asked how cats and dogs are most alike to a veterinarian, Thomas Glen Erin Animal Hospital in Mississauga, says the one thing they both need regularly is flea and tick prevention. While the warm weather allows these small pests to run rampant, even in the cooler months, you need to keep up on prevention because those pests that have found their way inside will still live and breed if not kept in check. The best place to get the flea and tick treatment you need is from your local vet.


Safety First

There are a lot of flea and tick products on the market, but you can't always be sure which ones are safe. Cats, in particular, have delicate systems and can be easily overwhelmed physically with many medications. The only way you can be sure that the flea and tick treatment that you use for your little one is safe for them is to talk with your veterinarian. The vet has a record of your pet's health and any problems that might make a certain type of flea treatment okay, while another one may be dangerous. The vet also knows the proper dosages.

Skin Allergies and Other Issues

Not treating for fleas and ticks can cause a host of problems in your pets. The most common problems from fleas are skin allergies and tapeworms. They can grow inside your pet’s intestinal tract and eventually cause your pet to lose weight as they eat your pet's nutrients. You may find your pet is always hungry yet seems to be losing weight. That is because the animal isn't the one truly eating the food. Both dogs and cats can exhibit skin allergies to fleas. They will lose hair and constant scratching may cause secondary infections. Cats are especially prone to becoming anemic with a flea infestation, and they will eventually die if not treated.

Ticks are even more dangerous. They will first create anemia in your pet, but eventually, you may find your pet becoming unable to walk as paralysis sets in. Seizures and death can follow. The best way to avoid this is to prevent ticks from the start.

A Mississauga Vet That Cares

At Thomas Glen Erin Animal Hospital in Mississauga, you will feel like you are visiting family when you meet our staff. Bring your furry friends in for flea and tick treatment, wellness exams, and more. We look forward to being your veterinarian of choice. Call us today at (905) 997-3320 to book your appointment.


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