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We Are AAHA Accredited

Thomas Glen Erin Animal Hospital has met the standards of quality applied to all aspects of veterinary medicine, from surgical services provided and clinic protocols to medical record-keeping. Our AAHA accreditation means that we have passed a voluntary evaluation of more than 900 standards of excellence. We are committed to maintaining these standards and we undergo a rigorous review by veterinary experts every 3 years.Only about 15% of veterinary practices in Canada and the US are AHAA certified. Accreditation of animal hospitals is voluntary, which shows our animal hospital is committed to continuous improvement—we want the best for our patients and clients.

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We Are A CVO Accredited Facility

Veterinarians in Ontario must practice from an accredited veterinary facility. Accreditation ensures all veterinary facilities in Ontario provide a professional environment and contain the essential equipment required for patient care. Veterinary facilities are inspected for specific equipment requirements; proper patient records; safe drug storage; a medical reference library; and orderly and sanitary premises. Ontario’s veterinary facilities are inspected every five years. When facilities meet all requirements, they receive a Certificate of Accreditation.

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Feline Friendly Veterinarian

We are a fear-free certified practice, which means our team has undergone training and is now certified to provide a stress-free, low-fear and low-anxiety experience for our patients. Our team employs practices such as, gentle handling and calming environments to minimize the stress associated with visits to your local veterinarian. 

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