Vaccinations are a vital part of a preventative health care plan for your pets. Administering vaccines is a simple procedure that stimulates an immune response against potentially fatal diseases. 

For your pet’s safety, (and yours—some animal diseases can be transferred to humans), keep up to date with these safeguarding measures. The need for specific vaccines is determined by each animal’s age, lifestyle, and medical history. 

For more information about vaccinating your pet please get in touch with us today.

About Pet Vaccinations

A pet needs to get certain vaccinations to be registered with the local city. This typically includes a rabies vaccination but other vaccines are often required or recommended. Vaccinations can be given as shots, orally, or topically. Every pet is unique and requires a personalized approach to determine the best vaccination options.

What To Expect With Pet Vaccines

To begin pet vaccinations, make an appointment to consult with Dr. Irene Neri-Arboleda and Dr. Nilo Arboleda for a personalized vaccination schedule. We treat most domestic pets, such as dogs and cats, as well as exotic pets including pocket pets such as gerbils and rabbits.

The vaccines that we offer include all of the essential and required vaccines for domestic animals, as well as vaccines for specialized treatments. This can include seasonal flu or other potentially dangerous viral diseases.

Preparing For Your Appointment

After scheduling an appointment, you will receive information about your pet’s upcoming vaccinations, including payment options and related issues. You can also ask questions and receive information about the vaccines and their potential side effects, which will help alleviate any concerns you may have.