At Thomas Glen Erin Animal Hospital in Mississauga, our pet dermatology treatment is first-rate. Our veterinarians Dr. Nilo and Dr. Irene both have a lot of experience in pet dermatology, especially in treating canine and feline skin problems. Dr. Irene is a member of the Canadian Academy of Veterinary Dermatology, staying current on the latest approaches to dog and cat skin treatment.

It is important to contact us if you notice any changes in your pet’s skin or coat, as these can often be symptoms of more serious underlying health issues.

Early diagnosis and treatment can help improve the outcome and prevent complications.

From diagnosing and treating allergies, infections, and tumours, rest assured that your pet’s healthcare needs are in good hands at Thomas Glen Erin, your nearest vet. We perform allergy testing and skin biopsies to pinpoint your pet’s skin condition and then provide a treatment plan.

Why Pet Dermatology Is Important

Scabs, sores, irritation, and rashes may be causing your pet serious discomfort and can greatly reduce their quality of life. If you notice your pet is excessively scratching, biting or licking its paws, ears, or body, contact us immediately.

Often, pet dermatology problems are overlooked on a regular basis as some pet owners assume that their dog or cat having a rash is not serious. Skin problems can be hard for someone who is not a veterinary professional to detect due to your pet’s fur. However, if you see your pet clawing at its body, it is important to check for skin problems. Skin conditions can be a symptom of a serious illness that needs veterinary treatment.

Skin problems arise from many causes, but more common ones include:

  • Parasites
  • Environmental and food allergens
  • Stress, immune-mediated health concerns
  • Endocrine diseases

Skin Problems In Dogs

Dogs are prone to various skin problems as they spend a lot of time outdoors, especially during warmer months, and are therefore exposed to more environmental allergens. It is also important to know and recognize what environmental allergens are commonly found inside the house.

Most of the time, when your dog has skin irritation or a rash, they do not have a serious illness. They may have simply strayed into plants on a walk and ended up with a rash. However, dogs can develop intense itching overnight, and this can lead to excessive scratching and the creation of an open wound.

Bigger issues can be prevented by addressing concerns early on. As soon as you notice strange behaviour in your pet like excessive scratching, book an appointment.