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Ultrasound Imaging

We offer Ultrasound Imaging services and use it as a complementary tool in radiology. It enables us to peer inside a pet’s body and view more detailed images of tissues than provided by X-rays. In can also be used without placing an animal under anesthesia. Various disorders can be diagnosed safely and easily by veterinarians using ultrasound devices.
Our Ultrasound services are performed by a Licensed Ultrasound Technician, who performs imaging on a daily basis and sonogram findings interpreted by a Board Certified Radiologist or Cardiologist, ensuring high quality service.

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  • "It was our first time visiting this veterinary clinic as we had to put our sweet girl to sleep today. I just want to thank the vet and staff for being so kind and patient I didn't feel rushed at any point and you could tell they really love their jobs and they do it 100% for the animals. Thank you for making not only me but also my doggy feel so comfortable at such a hard time"
    Melissa C.
  • "Fantastic, wonderful, knowledgeable people, from the vets to the ladies at the front desk who are always helpful and friendly! I would recommend Thomas Glen Erin Animal Hospital to absolutely anyone who is looking for kind, compassionate, wonderful care! Thank you all."
    Grace S.

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