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Request Medication and Food Refill

These forms are to be filled out and submitted by current clients only as unfortunately we do need to have a relationship with you and your pet in order to prescribe any medication or prescription diets. If your pet is not currently a patient at Thomas Glen Erin, please contact us at 905-997-3320 so we can assist you further.

Please fill out all the required fields in the appropriate form below to ensure we have all the correct information to refill your pet's medication/food.

Please allow for 72 hours for all refills and orders to be received and ready for pick up. Medications from Compounding Pharmacies will take longer to arrive, so please order for your refill way in advance.

If you need medication or food sooner, please call us directly.

You will receive a phone call or e-mail once medications are filled or if we have questions or concerns about the refill.


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