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Pet Dermatology in Mississauga

Thomas Glen Erin Animal Hospital in Mississauga offers pet dermatology treatment, something that many veterinarians have little experience in. Both of the veterinarians we have on staff, Dr. Nilo and Dr. Irene, have a great deal of experience in pet dermatology, especially treating canine and feline skin problems. Dr. Irene is also a Member of the Canadian Academy of Veterinary Dermatology keeping abreast with the most up –to- date approach on dog and cat skin treatment modalities. If your dog or cat is suffering from any skin disorder, their condition should not be overlooked. Skin problems may be a symptom of a serious underlying disease. Feel free to learn about pet dermatology.


Why Pet Dermatology Is Important 

Unfortunately, pet dermatology problems are overlooked on a regular basis. Some owners assume that their dog or cat having a rash is not serious. Skin problems can be hard for someone who is not a professional to detect due to your pet's fur. However, it is important to detect scabs, sores, irritation, and even a rash because it may be causing your pet serious discomfort and can greatly impact their quality of life. The skin condition could also be a symptom of a serious illness that needs veterinary treatment. If you see your pet clawing at their body, check for skin problems. If you see any, your pet needs dermatological care from a veterinarian at our practice.

Skin Problems In Dogs 

Dogs are known to be especially prone to various skin problems. Dogs spend relatively more time outdoors especially during warmer months and are therefore more exposed to environmental allergens. It is also very important to know and recognize what environmental allergens are commonly found inside the house. Our doctors can extensively discussed with you the most appropriate way to manage your pets so they stay healthy and happy. Most of the time, when your dog has skin irritation or a rash, they do not have a serious illness. They may have simply strayed into plants on a walk and ended up with a rash. However, dogs can develop intense itch overnight, leading to excessive scratching and creating an open wound. This could be prevented by booking an appointment to see one of our veterinarians and addressing the concern early on. We can check to see if your dog has an illness that could be causing them skin problems. Skin problems can arise from parasites, environmental and food allergens, stress, immune-mediated health concerns, endocrine diseases, and so many more.

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Here at Thomas Glen Erin Animal Hospital in Mississauga, we provide dermatology treatment and various other veterinary services for your pet. We have two highly experienced veterinarians on staff who take pride in offering quality treatments varying from severe health problems to routine preventative medicine. If your pet needs any sort of veterinary treatment, you can make an appointment with us by reaching out through our website or by calling us at (905)-997-3320 during our business hours. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about services. Contact us today for an appointment.


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